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The Home of the Double Barreled Herbicide Sprayer


Adjustable Brass

One of the many nozzle types available is a version of the Teejet 5500 series Conejet. The dosPistolos version is custom made for us and features a 1/4″ NPT male thread and a stainless steel check ball to prevent dripping. Our nozzle body will accept all 5500 series conejets including 5500-X1, 5500-X2, 5500-X3, 5500-X4, 5500-X5, 5500-X6, 5500-X8, 5500-X10, 5500-X12, 5500-X14, 5500-X18, 5500-X22, and 5500-X26. The tips allow you to spray out to 25 feet with the straight stream or turn down to a fine mist.

Flat Fan Tip

Many users prefer to attach a flat fan nozzle such as the Teejet 2504.  dosPistolos can be ordered with our custom anodized aluminum nozzle body that is interchangeable with the Teejet QJ1/4TT-NYB Quick Teejet nozzle body.  This nozzle body accepts all of the Quick Teejet series caps.

The double Barreled Sprayer is equipped with 1/4″ NPT outlets that allow an almost endless combination of spray tips

Simple and Rugged Construction

Features and Benefits

¼ NPT threads on inlets and outlets accept common fittings and nozzles.

Can be field serviced on the tailgate of a pickup with a flathead screwdriver or coin, pliers, and a pocket knife.

Only 9 different parts and 4 different o-rings, (excluding nozzles). This will make repair and scavenging parts simple.

All internal and external parts are 304 Stainless Steel

O-rings are Viton

The sprayer can be changed from a Right Hand to Left-Hand gun by reversing the head plugs.

My adjustable nozzle has a check ball to eliminate dripping. The fan nozzle has a Teejet check ball strainer.

The weight is similar to the Teejet Gunjet 30 with a rollover nozzle setup.

The inlet hose is to the rear of the gun as opposed to the front of the 30 Gunjet, which along with the large beavertail, reduces operator fatigue and allows the backpack hose to be almost a foot shorter, so less to hang up.

There is no incentive to use one nozzle over the other, which overcomes the human tendency to not use the correct tip.

Both triggers can be actuated at once to apply double the product to save time and move along.

Triggers and “hand guard” tube allow room for gloves.

Simple and Rugged Construction